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Safety umbrella with knob

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The unbreakable umbrella - the innovative tool for your self-protection

Length: 90 cm
680 g
Diameter open:
112 cm

Knob: Choose one of the beautiful real wood handles (black beech, plum, walnut, mahogany, olive, wenge or zebrano.

Order the rubber cap, it protects when you practice and you can use the umbrella as a walking stick / walking aid

In addition to protection against rain and snow, this elegant and extremely stable umbrella provides your safety. Many underestimate the fact that an umbrella is probably the best self-help tool allowed. If you are threatened, or if someone wants to do something to you, this extraordinary screen acts as a highly efficient defense tool, with which you can ward off kicks, punches or other attacks and take concrete countermeasures.

To increase your personal safety

The best part is the fact that the attacker does not count on your defense ability at all. He chose you because he considered you unarmed and defenseless. Blocking his attacks with the screen and perform an appropriate counteraction, this will surprise a variety of attackers and break off their plans.

But that's not all: as a self-confident umbrella owner, who knows how to defend himself with the umbrella, you will not be so easily a victim, because offenders specifically targeted weak and obviously defenseless victims, they can easily surprise. And you do not give that impression at all!
That's why the safety screen is so effective

With the unbreakable safety shield, you can effectively defend yourself in dangerous situations or threats. It serves as an extension of your arm and prevents you from getting too close to attackers. If the villain hits you, punches or blows with the unbreakable rod; even if the attacker himself uses a stick or similar. If you initiate simultaneous countermeasures such as a stab with the steel point, a strong blow with the massive wooden handle or various lever techniques, you will quickly put the attacker to flight.
Professional professionals have been using the safety shield for years to carry out their responsible job

The safety screen has been bought and used by professional users in Germany and abroad for years. Customers include well-known bodyguards such as Michael Kuhr from Berlin, IHK certified self-defense instructors such as Freddy Kleinschwärzer, who also works as a police instructor, as well as martial artists, authorities, security forces of consulates and special forces. These professionals have put the screen through its paces as they can not afford unreliable equipment. So you do not have to worry about the functionality in an emergency.

Alfred Kleinschwärzer, trainer of the Federal Police for Anti-Amok, Access Techniques and Shooting as well as CEO of the BfSD (Federal Association for Security & Self-Defense in Germany) says:

"The safety screen is the best way to protect yourself on the market, and I have asked my black belts to attack me with any type of weapon, unarmed and armed, and none succeeded in getting dangerously close to me The high utility value is underscored by the fact that the glider is used by countless bodyguards, security forces and trainers worldwide."

There are no legal restrictions worldwide

The stringent weapons regulations prohibit many safety aids at home and abroad. The umbrella is a "normal" (but unbreakable) umbrella and therefore falls into the category of ordinary everyday objects. He is not subject to any restrictions worldwide. You can carry it with you in any kind of enterprise (theater, music, many sporting events, demonstration events, etc.) also cross-border with him. Also in public transport such as bus, train and even on the plane.

The umbrella is absolutely harmless, looks elegant and therefore is your faithful companion on all occasions.

The self-defense screen is virtually unbreakable no matter how hard you hit it. It corresponds to the impact of a steel pipe and harmonises well with classical schools of self-defense - especially Hapkido, Judo, Kendo, Kali, Escrima, Baton, Canne etc.

The automatic opening mechanism makes it easy to open the glider with one hand. Due to the special fabric, it is dry again after a rainstorm within a short time.

The manufacturer guarantees:

that this special safety screen does not break through purpose-based applications of human power. The warranty applies to the rod of the umbrella, not to the cover or struts. Should the wand break in normal use (whatever would be normal for the strongest walking stick or baton), the umbrella will be replaced. If you use the glider in a self-defense situation, damage may occur, but you will be safe in a successful defense (without this protection, physical damage, mental trauma, damaged clothing, possibly broken glasses, lost teeth and much more that costs more money than the umbrella). How robust this screen is, shows this practical test by Kabeleins on the basis of an extreme wind and rain test.
The advantages of this umbrella at a glance

  • It is a fully functional, elegant umbrella with automatic opening mechanism.
  • The bar is virtually unbreakable, no matter how hard it is claimed.
  • At a length of 90 cm, it only weighs about 700 grams.
  • The umbrella even withstands the weight of a human with up to 100 kg.
  • The umbrella can be worn legally everywhere (even on the plane, in official buildings, on events).
  • It contains no unusual ingredients and the only metal is the stainless steel tip.
  • The elegant knob is available in solid wood in beech black or brown. The umbrella is delivered including a protective cover with a practical carrying loop.