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  • From now on we deliver knives from our range free of charge!
  • Company vacation from December 22nd, 2023 to January 12th, 2024

Aku-Strike Mimics T-16

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Aku-Strike Mimics T-16: The Evolution of Training Knives.

Blade Finish: Frost

Handle Color: Black

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In training, as in real life, we react to stimuli that we perceive through our senses. The more stimuli we can perceive, the more information arrives in our brain. With more information, our brain can respond, adapt and learn faster.

Traditional marking knife trainers can give you limited visual feedback and mostly at the end of your exercise when you stop and assess the damage inflicted or received. They also give you tactile feedback but it is limited by its subjective nature, heightened pain tolerance and task fixation during scenario and Force on Force training.

The advantage of the Mimics T-16 is that it gives you immediate feedback through auditory stimuli, with different beeping tones. Visual stimuli, with different colored LED lights and objective tactile stimuli because you need to apply a specific amount of pressure to activate it. This makes the Mimic T-16 a far more versatile and efficient tool for your training than anything currently on the market.

Let’s look at the different training contexts where the Mimic T-16 excels:


First and foremost it helps win over most students’ natural inhibitions to stabbing and slashing another human being. We see this phenomenon very often, especially in beginner’s classes.

The students either don’t make contact with their training partner or the contact is very light, tentative.

The Mimics T-16 pushes them to make contact through the target and to do it with enough pressure and enough intent to activate the LED and Sound indicators, helping them overcome those inhibitions and become more efficient in stopping the threat.

Force on Force, scenario, and simulation training:

During this kind of training there is so much going on: adrenaline, stress, fatigue, that we may not even feel our opponent knife trainer striking us…How often do we see students locked in a no-win exchange, each one simultaneously stabbing and getting stabbed, repeatedly, without realizing the deadly consequences of such an exchange in real life.

Here are some advantages of the Mimics T-16:

  • Being able to “hear” and “see” the damage inflicted upon us will help us to convert to more desirable tactics faster, instead of persevering with a detrimental course of action.
  • Becoming immediately aware of being hit will immediately up the stress level of the exercise and affect our mindset and resolve.
  • It will give us an immediate idea of the efficacy of our strikes on the adversary.

If you feel you need to, you can add some felt tape and chalk or use lipstick to be able to survey the amount of damage done and received after the exercise is over.


During sparring sessions or competition, the MimicsT-16 gives us objective audio and visual feedback on who is striking first, more often and where.

Since it is a given that we all want to perform well in front of our peers and everybody will be able to see/hear when we are getting hit, using the MimicsT-16 definitely adds some performance anxiety to the sparring session or competition. Learning to control that anxiety and focus on the task at hand helps us develop a better mindset.


For drills in a group environment, you can switch off the “Beep” option and still get the benefits of immediate visual and tactile feedback. This can help both new and advanced students develop and refine their skills realistically.

In conclusion, the MimicsT-16 is an incredibly helpful training tool and it is very well built. Obviously, by its very nature, moving parts, and electronics, it is not the best training knife if you use it to strike as hard as you can on hard surfaces, that is what wood, aluminum, and rubber trainers are built for. Use it wisely and it will last you a very long time.