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  • From now on we deliver knives from our range free of charge!

Folding Knife XL Recon 1 Tanto Pt., CTS XHP, Black, Serrated

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XL Recon 1® Tanto Point, Folder with Carpenter CTS® XHP alloy steel blade,
serrated edge
2015 Model

- XL Recon 1® TANTO POINT, serrated edge - 2015 Model
- Blade material: U.S. made Carpenter CTS® XHP alloy steel with DLC-coating
- Overall length: approx. 31.1 cm
- Blade length: approx. 14 cm
- Blade thickness: approx. 4 mm
- Handle: approx. 17.1 cm long, G-10
- With ambidextrous pocket/belt clip
- Weight: approx. 235 g

Sold only to persons over 18 years! Proof of age required!

A popular knife with Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Fire and Rescue crews and civilians, Cold Steel®'s Recon 1® Series continues to set the standard for tactical folding knives. These dependable knives have a hard-earned reputation for reliability and strength. The Recon 1® Series is available in various sizes and every facet of their construction has been engineered to make them as durable and effective as possible. Every model in this diverse series features Cold Steel®'s world-renowned Tri-Ad® lock, keeping your precious fingers safe from harm when using your knife in even the most taxing conditions. From the sturdy little workhorse that is the Micro to the beastly cutting power of the classic series - whatever your mission, the Recon 1® is there for you!

Except for the Micro Recon 1®, which has a G10-styled Griv-Ex™ handle and a small key ring, all of the Recon 1® knives are equipped with a G-10 handle and a small, extra-strong pocket clip. Lefties may take note that the clip is completely ambidextrous. What's more, its small size doesn't abrade or irritate the palm under protracted use. The handle is artfully contoured and scalloped for a terrific non-slip grip. And to make the Recon 1® as easy to open as possible, each knife features a thumb disc.

2015 Model with U.S. made Carpenter CTS® XHP alloy blade steel featuring DLC-coating.

Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy Steel
Carpenter American CTS® XHP is a high carbon, high chromium powdered alloy steel with very impressive edge holding abilities. With an extra fine, uniform grain structure, it outperforms its ingot-steel equivalents by a large margin. This high-performance steel has been used in everything from superior custom kitchen cutlery to surgical tools. It can also be polished to a beautiful satin finish, making it an excellent choice for high-end every day carry knives, especially those that require a very fine cutting edge.

Sold only to persons over 18 years! Proof of age required!

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