FIGHTWOOD bag "Black and Gold" with strap

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(1 piece(s) = 14.99 €)
Delivery time: 5-8 day(s)


Length: please choose the desired length in the variation field
Material: Robust nylon, with strap, black
Quantity: 1 piece

Product Information:

The bag is made of black durable nylon and has a reinforced border, the bag is suitable for two sticks up to a length of 80 cm.

  • Robust nylon, with strap, black
  • Length: 65, 70, 75, and 80cm.
  • Delivery time 5-8 days
  • Suitable for all common training sticks


If you decide for an individual lettering, we would ask you to send us the necessary information after the order to the mail: INFO@FIGHTWOOD.DE

IMPORTANT! In order for us to print your bag, we need answers from you to each question below.

1.Position of the font?

  • Middle or bottom left

2.Text length?

  • from 4-20cm


  • Red or gold


  • Currently only one font possible Arial Black (See photos)


  • Currently only uppercase letters