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  • From now on we deliver knives from our range free of charge!
  • info@fightwood.com
  • From now on we deliver knives from our range free of charge!

Cold Steel Dragonfly Katana

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- Dragonfly Katana
- Material: 1060 high carbon steel
- Overall length: approx. 103.5 cm
- Blade length: approx. 74.3 cm
- Blade thickness: approx. 8 mm
- Handle: approx. 29.2 cm long, ray skin w/ teal-grean silk cord wrap & brass Menuki
- Weight: approx. 1117 g
- Incl. black lacquered wood scabbard

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Many Japanese swords offered today are interpretive copies of antiquities from feudal Japan which were made for warriors of small stature who seldom rose above five and a half feet. As beautiful and skillfully designed as these swords are, they may not be perfectly suited for modern warrior, who has grown to be a substantially taller and stronger version of his historical counterpart!

With that in mind, Cold Steel® has created the Dragonfly Series, a line of Japanese swords featuring thicker, wider and heavier blades. These beautiful swords have a distinctive teal-green silk cord wrap and black samé (rayskin) handles complementing rich iron furniture with a dragonfly motif. Their deeply curved and hand-polished 1060 high carbon steel blades terminate in a long iris leaf point for maximum cutting potential.

Additionally, these swords come with two protective bags: a blue cotton travel bag and an intricately decorative display bag made from the finest heavy silk brocade.