Carabao Dulo-Dulo

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Length: about 18cm
Diameter: thickest point about 24-25mm
Material: Carabao horn
Quantity: 1 piece

Product Information:
A pointed palmstick carved from the horn of the mighty Carabao water buffalo. Curved.

Carabao is particularly important in the Philippines for agriculture and is considered the country's most important working animal.

The term "palmstick" refers to a stick of the approximate length of a palm (palm: palm / stick: stick) and is also known in many combat systems as Kubotan, Pocketstick, Nerve Stick, Yawara, Dulo-Dulo, etc.

Blow amplifier
The Palmstick or similar everyday objects serve as a power or impact amplifier and can compensate for any physical disadvantage. A palmstick becomes a very effective weapon in your hand.